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In the last post, I offered some general packing tips. Now in Part 2, I will give you some really basic, completely obvious tips on how to organize yourself for the packing process:

Drink some tea / eat dried fruit / listen to Beyonce. Do anything that will put you in an awesome mood for packing. It takes so much motivation to pack. Actually shoving clothes into bags is not hard at all, but there are always SO MANY clothes. So first thing first, take deep breaths, do some squats, or give yourself a pep talk to get you prepped for packing your whole life away.

Make sure your packing area is clear. You can have a totally crazy,messy room, but if you are packing on your bedroom floor, that floor better have enough space for you to fold, sort, lay down if you are stressed, etc. Sorting things by laying them down on top of other things gets confusing, so just make sure everything in your immediate vicinity is nice and tidy.

Make a list of what you need to pack! In your mind, go through everything you do in the average week and think about all the stuff that you use. Be sure to include every little thing. Remember that you trim your nails with a nail clipper. Recall that you you have a little dish to hold your iPod headphones. Everything you use goes on that packing list to ensure that your life at school will be just like your life at home (unless you are into playing MacGyver, in which case your packing list should include a toothpick and another toothpick).

Take your packed things to the car in the order that you want to unload them into the cart, which is the reverse order that you will be unloading them into your room (for the most part, exceptions to this would be your hanging things). Simpler version: you want your lamp first thing when you get into your room? Pack that first, so that it the last thing you place into your cart, so it on the top and the first thing you get in your room.

Last piece of advice, keep those bags! Just tuck them away somewhere in your room because before you know it you will need to repack everything and bags are the way to go.

Good luck michael kors canada packing. I know I will need it.(In all honesty, this post is really for me to organize my thoughts and prepare for the grueling packing experience that awaits me (my room looks like a Goodwill collection center (don get any ideas, Mom It is incredibly important. Without packing, your clothes would just be in the trunk of your car, intermingling with your binders and towels, and intermingling of those items is not OK. You would have to put your stuff directly into the carts that theHousingoffice provides for you. There would be no plastic in between your jammies and the side of the cart! Ah!

Wait, maybe packing is not that important because who cares if y michael kors canada our stuff touches your other stuff, and all of it touches the cart? Alright, let me rephrase. Packing makes things slightly more convenient for you and everyone does it and when are you trying to fit in more, than the first day of college? Yeah, you could just throw your crap into the trunk and it would be fine but using plastic bags to separate your t shirts from your lamp is kind of fun, and who knows where the sides of the Housing office cart has been.

So, here are some of my excellent, super great, bomb boo yeah packing tips:

Use bags. Seriously, boxes are not your friend. They do not fit into cars well and take up a ton of space. You can fit like five in your trunk, and the five you fit in there are usually only going to be like three quarters full. Bags are great! They are comfy to carry and are like amorphous blobs. They mold to the shape of your trunk, your back seat, even to the back of your head (DIY travel pillow). Pack towels, blankets, pillows, spare body parts, even school supplies in bags. Be especially sure to pack allfoldableclothes into bags.

This brings me tononfoldableclothes. I am talking about nice jackets, dr michael kors canada esses, your Lady Gaga Halloween costume, basically anything on a hanger. Good news, y youdo notneed to take any of those things off their hangers! Just take your hanging items off of the rack in your closet and pile them on top of your already full back seat, hangers and all. If you are afraid they will get ruined or are seriously nervous about your things touching the Housing office carts, you can always put either a plastic covering you get from the dry cleaners over everything OR a big trash bag over everything. This is great because when you get to your room, you just whip all your hangables off the top of your carts and boom, they go right into the closet. I maybe even recommend hanging more clothes than usual, just because this is way easier than refolding everything before it goes into drawers.

Ok, now that we have established that you are to use nothing but bags to accomplish the actual act of packing, in Part 2 michael kors canada of this post, I will give you some tips for how to organizeyourselffor the packing process.

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