michael kors canada Houston man charged with decap

Houston man charged with decapitating friend with chainsaw

A 32 year old Houston man butchered his best friend with a chainsaw and stashed his body parts in a trash bag under an abandoned house, police said.

Cops found the mutilated body of Marlon Thomas, 35, lying in the weeds in the backyard of a house in northeast Houston Sunday night, The Houston Chronicle reported.

A bloody trash bag containing a head and an arm was found under the house, which was propped up on cinder blocks and next door to the duplex that the two men shared. A chainsaw was found nearby.

On Monday, cops arrested Noe Gerardo Morin and charged him with murdering Thomas in the apparent Texas chainsaw massacre.

Neighbors said the two had been pals for more than 20 years and used to spend nights drinking, talking and playing Scrabble in front of the their home.

“Not a day went by that they were not out here together,” neighbor Brittney Johnson told the Chronicle. “That’s what was so shocking, because they were friends.”

Neighbors on the crime ridden block said the two had been arguing recently and that Morin had accused Thomas of stealing money and drugs from him.

Houston Police Dept Cops in Houston said a man dismembered his best friend with a chainsaw and stashed his head and arm in a trashbag under an abanonded home.

“My husband said a few days before it happened, that’s all (Morin) was talking about: ‘I’m gonna kill him, I’m gonna kill him,'” Johnson said.

Locals reported hearing gunshots on Saturday night, and one woman said her mother saw Morin from her window and asked if everything was ok.

“My mom (asked), ‘What’s wrong? Are you and Marlon getting into it again?'” said Crystal Burks. “And he was like, ‘No, that’s over with. That’s done,'” before dragging his finger across his neck, she said.

Rumors about a dead body swirled around the neighborhood on Sunday until one resident finally called the cops.

Freaked out locals said they couldn’t believea real life Leatherface was livingontheir block.

“It’s the overkill that’s really freaking everybody out, I think,” Johnson said. “It’s one t michael kors canada hing to shoot somebody, but to cut his limbs and head off, that’s just psychotic.”

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