michael kors canada How ‘Bag’ worksWhen travel

How ‘Bag’ works

When traveling, there are only two types of luggage, says “Baggage Battles” star Mark Meyer carry on bags and lost bags.

It’s those lost bag michael kors canada s, purchased at airport lost luggage auctions, that interest the owner of Long Island’s Nifty Thr michael kors canada ifty store, because you never know what you’re going to find inside them.

“The thing about the bags is that everything is sealed,” Meyer says. “You might be able to see that it’s a Swiss Army bag or michael kors canada a Gucci bag, but you really have no idea [about their contents] until you open them up.

“Unfortunately, the frowns are more common than the smiles. But if you buy 10 pieces and six are losers, the four winners outweigh everything else.”

His biggest score, he says, was a diamond ring he s michael kors canada old for about $800, plucked out of a plastic baggie of jewelry that he bought for $400.

His worst deal was spending $400 on a suitcase, “to find nothing but dirty laundry and oatmeal cookies [inside],” he says.

This season the series will also explore the world of police lost property auctions and lost freight auctions. “We’re going to give you a grand tour of everything that gets lost in transit,” he says.

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