michael kors handbags How do I cement a basketball h

How do I cement a basketball hoop to the ground

PreparationDig a hole with a shovel about 2 feet wide, 2 feet long and 2 feet deep. Make a mark on the basketball pole about 18 inches from the bottom. This will be a guide line for your cement.

ConcreteMix 850 pounds of dry cement mix in a wheel barrow. Follow the instructions on the bag for the proper mixing formula. Fill the hole with cement to just below the top. Press the cement down to ensure a secure hold on the pole. Insert the pole to the 18 inch mark you made earlier. Pour cement into the top of the pole to make sure the pole is solid. Use a level to straighten the pole. Place the level on all sides of the pole for the best reading.

DryingAllow the c michael kors handbags ement to dry for 48 hours. Only after 48 hours or more should you attach the backboard with the hoop. Once the backboard, hoop and net are in place, you can play basketball. We have one like this that came with the house but the height adjustment mechanism broke, and now we’re screwed because no one fixes these things and we can’t just replace it because the dam thing is cemented in the ground! Which makes me wonder, if there is no such thing as a gym equipment contracto michael kors handbags r, who put this dam thing in??????? michael kors handbags Yet, I see these stupid in ground nets all over the neighborhood. I guess I’m the only one in the entire city who doesn’t have a spare jackhammer and cement mixer just laying around in their garage. Maybe they put a bulls eye on the ground and the navy dr michael kors handbags ops it from a plane? :)

You can get one that has a tank at the bottom that you fill with water (and antifreeze if you live in colder climates) or sand, which will weigh it down to keep it upright, with a height adjuster and all. You will be eternally grateful years from now when it finally gives up the ghost, you can just empty the tank and haul it away.

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