michael kors handbags How do i check through luggage

How do i check through luggage when changing airlines

Airline AlliancesTravellers making one or more connecting flights must verify at the time of check in if their baggage will be transferred automatically to the connecting airplane, or if they must collect and re check their luggage. Nearly all major carriers are members of international alli michael kors handbags ances and passengers transferring between partner airlines are usually spared the hassle of collecting and re checking baggage. When transferring carriers, passengers should inform a ticket agent at the time of check in and clearly indicate their final destination. The agent’s role is to tag all luggage items and ensure that each includes the three letter airport code of the passenger’s final destination, as well as the airport of transfer.

Clearing Customs With Checked LuggageA handful of countries require passengers to clear customs at t michael kors handbags heir point of entry, rather than at their final destination. In these cases, all passengers must collect and re check their bags, even if their connecting flight is with a partner airline. In Canada, all passengers arriving from int michael kors handbags ernational flights clear customs at their point of arrival. Travellers landing in the European Union must also collect their bags and re check them if their connecting flight is scheduled 24 hours after their initial arrival. Passengers must also collect their bags regardless of which airline operates their connecting flight if their final destination is a regional airport without customs facilities.

Transferring Terminals and AirportsPassengers transferring from one terminal to another are not required to collect and re check their luggage, as local staff automatically transfer these bags to the appropriate terminal. Those transferring airports in the same city, however, must collect and re check their bags, as carriers do not offer ground transportation for these purposes. For example, while a passenger arriving at London’s Heathrow michael kors handbags Terminal 4 and catching a flight with another airline based at Terminal 5 will see his luggage transferred automatically, those catching a connection at London Gatwick are required to collect their checked bags.

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