michael kors handbags How do I edit text boxes in Ad

How do I edit text boxes in Adobe Acrobat 6

Use the Menu BarSelect “Tools” from the Menu bar. The Tools menu opens a dropdown box.

Navigate to the TouchUp Text ToolSelect “Advanced Editing.” The michael kors handbags michael kors handbags > right arrow opens an adjacent drop down box with corresponding options needed for the task. Click the “TouchUp Text Tool.”

Begin EditingPosition the mouse poi michael kors handbags nter inside the area of text you need to edit. The mouse pointer turns into an I beam. Note that text does no michael kors handbags t automatically wrap as in Microsoft Word. To manually wrap text, a hard Enter is needed.

Begin editing text by placing the I beam after the first letter of an existing word to retain the original font properties. For example, in the sentence “Sally sells seashells by the seashore,” place your I beam between the ‘S’ and ‘a’ in “Sally.” For additional text editing attributes, right click the text. Choose “Properties” to open the TouchUp Properties dialog box. You will see the following details: Font, Font Size, Character Spacing, Word Spacing, Horizontal Scaling, Fill, Stroke, Stroke Width and Baseline Offset.

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