michael kors handbags How do I fold a Graco Pack’n’P

How do I fold a Graco Pack’n’Play

Remove ExtrasRemove the mobile by pulling it off the side. Next, unsnap the white top changing tab michael kors handbags le and remove. Last, take out the raised level section (if it is being used) by lifting the metal green poles on both sides of the Pack ‘n’ Play. It is important to note that these extras will not fit into the Graco Pack ‘n’ michael kors handbags Play traveling duffel bag at the end of the process.

Fold UpRemove the bottom pad of the Pack ‘n’ Play by pulling its corners out of the side pockets. Lay this piece on the floor. Now, pull the red nylon strap in the bottom center of the playpen. This will cause all four legs and sides to collapse and fold up. If one or more of the sides do not automaticall michael kors handbags y collapse, press the white button located on each side to make it fold. Or, according to Graco’s website, “Pull the red strap on the center hub up to at least the halfway raised position. Lift the top rail slightly and unlatch the rail. Repeat for each side.”

Pack in the BagLay the folded body of the Pack ‘n’ Play on the bottom pad, which should be on the floor. Roll up and secu michael kors handbags re with Velcro tabs. Insert the entire folded and rolled Pack ‘n’ Play in the Graco duffel bag and zip up.

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