michael kors handbags How do I get rid of my Mom’s b

How do I get rid of my Mom’s boyfriend

I also need to get rid of my mom boyfriend . Is it so wrong to think she being a little selfish by continuing this or not . I don want to hurt her but how do I get her to listen to me and to consider my feelings in all of this . Im 16 and the oldest of 4 kids :16,13,10 and 7. The 13 and 7 don have a problem with it because they think its not that serious but the 10 year old came to me and said in tears “Its to soon ” , I tried comforting him but he is still really upset. We in no way expect our parents to get back together but it just hurts that she doing it so soon . So do any of you have any ideas on how to talk to her ?

I have the same problem! He comes round every night and it used to just be me and mum now she sends me to my room at eight I mean I thirteen and this guy she is dating is 10 years older than her! They have just been away together for the weekend and my mum bought some lingere I found it so I hid it inside of my bean bag before she went but she found it! Grrr! They were in the kitchen today talking about sex and condoms while I was there it makes me sick! He is allergic to our cat so bef michael kors handbags ore he comes round I make sure loads of cat hair is on the sofa and cus michael kors handbags hions it been 3 weeks now and he is really annoying me he also has two sugars with his tea so I just poured loads of salt into the sugar tin. I don speak or look at him and I give him daggers every time he comes in. I have told my mum how I feel but she just plays the oh I thought you be happy for me card. I have just about had enough any advice anyone! Please I can take it anymore. I wish that my mother baby would die also. I really dont understand the stupid decisons that my mother makes. im just abot ready to hate her too.

Just telling your mom you don like him doesn work. I tried it, many times. I thirteen and he gets drunk all the time and blames everyone else for his own mistakes. We were on a train once, he was drunk and shouting abuse at me and made me cry and my mum just told me to egnore him. UNBELIEVABLE. If you want to get rid of your mom boyfriend, you have to do something that your mom can just egnore. DON say that he molestered you the police might get involved and the situation would be worse. I suggest telling the people your mom is close to, she very likely to listen to her family an michael kors handbags d friends that have been there for her entire life. Or pretend he cheated on her. But plan that out if she finds out you tried to break them up she will just be mad at you.

I have the same problem. my mother boyfriend hit me, and he rude and nasty to me all the time. She doesn see it because she doesn want to. She says if he hits me again, then she leave him. I told her the fact that she with him gives me nightmares and panic attacks because he now living with us. Her solution has been to send me away. Now with my last week here, I trying to decide how to get rid of him, so once I gone, he can try any funny business like hit her. My mom works full time, and her boyfriend is a dead beat who she supports (which is ENOUGH reason to get rid of him). I thinking of telling her that while she michael kors handbags was away he molested me. he hasn but maybe that would prompt her to get rid of him. I just don know if I could deal with the guilt. If he is abusing her or you go to the police right away, if he isn you need to ask yourself how can you learn to get along with him for your mother sake. playing tricks on him to break him and your mother up will only cause problems between you and your mother. there are some stupid answers on here, don follow their advice.

ummm I need to get rid of my moms boyfriend he has a criminal record and everything he is HORRIBLE any advice and trying to frame him for cheating doesnt work I need GREAT advice and FAST plaese help!!!

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