michael kors handbags How do I grow tomatoes in 5 ga

How do I grow tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets

PreparationDrill drain holes along the sides of a 5 gallon bucket michael kors handbags . The holes should be inch in diameter and be inch above the bottom of michael kors handbags the bucket.

PlantingFill your bucket with 1 inch of coarse rock. Get a tomato stake, trellis or tomato cage in place and fill the bucket with organic potting soil to keep the stake in place. There should be 1 inch of space left between the soil and the rim of the bucket. Mix a teaspoon of organic fertilizer with water and add to the soil. michael kors handbags michael kors handbags Plant the tomato seedling close to the tomato stake and in the soil deep enough so that its bottom leaves are touching the soil. Add mulch to the top if desired to help the plant retain moisture.

CarePlace the bucket in an area that gets at least six hours of direct sun every day. Water the tomato seedling 1 to 2 inches deep immediately after planting and once per week after that. Never let the soil of the tomato plant dry out completely. Make sure that you avoid watering the leaves and water the soil only.

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