michael kors handbags How do I hang a punching bag

How do I hang a punching bag

Find the sweet spotSelect the location to hang a punching bag carefully. Choose a sturdy ceiling beam or install a 2 x 4 b michael kors handbags etween two beams for additional support. Measure the distance from the punching bag to all surrounding walls. Hang t michael kors handbags he bag a minimum of 3 feet from the wall to allow for swinging when it is in use.

Do the dirty workThe hanging mechanism must allow the punching bag to swing and support its weight when it is being punched. Install the bag to the ceiling using a metal punching bag holder with heavy duty screws, an S hook and a chain. Hang the chain from the ceiling and attach it to the top of the bag at the desired height. If necessary, wrap the chain around the beam once or twice for added stability.

Consider the optionsAnother option for hanging a punch michael kors handbags michael kors handbags ng>ing bag includes purchasing a bag stand specifically designed to hang and support a heavy bag. With this option, weigh the stand down with at least three times the bag’s weight to properly support the punching bag.

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