michael kors handbags How do I identify a Prada knoc

How do I identify a Prada knockoff

Fake LogosCheck your Prada logo michael kors handbags to make sure it’s the real deal. All Prada bags have the logo in all capital letters. The tail end of the capital “R” in Prada points in a diagonal line, rather than curving. Feel the Prada name plates, located on the outside of the bag as well as on every side of the interior lining, for raised letters. On real bags, the Prada logo appears in a repeated pattern on the lining.

Shoddy Pro michael kors handbags ductionStudy the various features of your Prada bag. Knockoff Prada products have inferior bag hardware. The metal name plate will not match or coordinate with the surrounding fabric. Seams may appear crooked, loose michael kors handbags or uneven. The lining will buckle or gap when you open the bag. Zippers and zipper pulls will feel cheap.

No Authenticity CardsLook for one to three authenticity cards, stored in a credit card sized envelope. Unless you have a vintage Prada bag, your product should feature at least one authenticity card. Made of plastic, the card reads “Certificato di autenticita Authenticity certificate card.” Flip the card over to find a magnetic strip, model number, the product’s style name and the color, written in Italian in michael kors handbags all capital letters. Additional cards may feature the Prada logo and product information as well as a bar code and serial number.

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