michael kors handbags How do I install K air filter

How do I install K air filter

Find the Right FilterCheck the K product search website (see Resource) to see if the company makes a replacement air filter that fits your vehicle. K manufactures lifetime air f michael kors handbags ilters for a wide range of cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. Instead of regularly replacing the air filter as you do with disposable ones, you instead can clean a K filter approximately every 50,000 miles and keep using it.

InstallationInstall your new K air filter the same way you would put in a traditional replacement filter: Locate your air filter casing and open it. Most late model cars have metal retaining clips that can be pried open with a butte michael kors handbags r knife or flathead screwdriver; some cars ma michael kors handbags y require removing screws. Look at how your air filter is positioned in the casing then remove the old filter and install the K filter in the same position. Close the air filter casing and refasten a michael kors handbags ll clips or screws.

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