michael kors handbags How do I keep a canvas and lea

How do I keep a canvas and leather bag in top

1. How do I keep this bag in top notch condition when I’m using it on a daily basis? Should I take the contents out every night to preserve its shape? Should I be hanging up michael kors handbags the bag somewhere?5. The bottom is made of mostly canvas, with two leather straps as an accent (I don’t think they do anything for the bag’s durability). How do I keep the bottom from wearing out? Should I avoid carrying heavy things in it?posted by melancholyplay to Clothing, Beauty, Fashion (8 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favoriteWell, you could do worse than to daub a bit of Dubbin on the leather bits from time to time, to keep them “nourished” and waterproof.The metal bits will also get rusty after a while. I can’t tell what they are exactly, but in any event a smudge of Brasso now and then should keep them gleamy.Umm, I dunno what you can do for canvas. I had a dirty sack some time back and people suggested nikwaxing, which I never did and which I still don’t know what is.I still have the same bag incidentally. It has kept its shape perfectly well with daily use. I wouldn’t stress too much about removing everything from it at the end of the day, or about hanging it up or anything crazy like that.posted by tumid dahlia at 8:51 PM on January 5, 2012I own a very, very nice piece of luggage made of bridle leather. It came with some leather feed and brief instructions stating to rub the feed onto the leather and brush off the excess. My advice is as follows: contact the manufacturer for their specific care instructions and see if they use or recommend any particular leather care products follow their instructions.A more specific route: contact these people and see if you can order some of the leather feed by Swain Ade michael kors handbags ney. Ask for michael kors handbags the sticky beeswax compound and a cloth apply compound to cloth sparingly, and rub into leather. Really rub the stuff in. Let sit in ro michael kors handbags om temperature environment and wipe off excess with same cloth the next day do this several times over a week or two, then whenever you feel like it or once every couple of months do NOT use heat of any sort to soak the feed into the leather: no radiators, hair dryers, etc. do NOT use heat of any sort to dry bag if wet this particular feed will be absorbed into the leather and render it water resistant your bag’s leather may have been undergone different treatment: again, ask the manufacturer.To answer your questions, first realize that it’s a bag. It’s a very nice bag. But it’s a bag. The leather will get scratched up, torn, stained, spotted and otherwise made to appear very different than when new. Do not view these as imperfections. View them as character. It’s a bag. Bags are meant to hold stuff. Don’t baby it, don’t obsess over it.I know this is difficult to accept. I’ve been there. You’ll learn to love its imperfections and damage, not because it’s a fancy bag with a high price tag, but because you’re using it as a bag. You will obsess over every small mark that it ever takes. Get over it. Or get another bag. All right, moving on:1. Feed the leather. If it gets wet, wipe the water off. If it gets drenched, let it sit out in room temperature and stuff newspaper inside to dry, then feed. The shape will never be perfectly preserved. It’s a bag. It’ll take the shape of however you’re using it.2. See above for feeding the leather.3. Yeah, an umbrella. But mostly to keep yourself dry. It’s a bag. It’s gonna get wet.4. Same as leather, only without feeding. Let it dry out. It’s canvas. It’s a bag. It’s gonna get messed up.

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