michael kors handbags How do I keep the Cotton Candy

How do I keep the Cotton Candy from shrinking

Hi Karen Stolz;

First off make sure the cotton candy is cool before you put it in the bag. If you put it in warm then the air in the bag is warm and will contract the bag as it cools.

Second make sure the bags are fully opened. Give them a good swing through the air and put the cotton candy in them with as much air as possible. it will help to keep the cotton candy from getting bunched back into a hard gooey ball too.

Third. Make sure that you seal the bags completly. Any air that leaks out will allow the cotton candy to be squished back into michael kors handbags that gooey ball. Using an old seal a meal works good.

Fourth. Don play foot ball with them. treat them like they were a piece of finely sp michael kors handbags un crystal glass michael kors handbags artwork. Any josteling, bouncing, or banging of the cotton candy against the bag forces the spun sugar fibers to stick together. Enough of this and you get. yup a gooey ball of sugar.

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