michael kors handbags How do I leave gift bags in my

How do I leave gift bags in my neighbor

It is better to give than to receive, so when you collect gift bags make sure to share them with your friends. If you unsure how to do that, this post should help ease your frustration.

All you need to do is click the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, which you will only see when visiting a neighbor town. You know the one that looks like a gift bag. There will also be a number affixed to it, usually a which is an indication of how many bags you can drop each day. Even if you already collected your gift cards from that neighbor, you can still go back and drop gift bags at anytime.

Unfortunately gift bags are hard to come by. Hopefully this unbalance will be corrected, or gift bags will be easier to come across the further you get into the event. As you can see in the screen shot below, my gift card total is only representative of about 1% of my gift card total.

We need to drop gift bags in neighbor towns if we have any hope of u michael kors handb michael kors handbags ags nlocking the community prizes, but we can share gifts if the game doesn give us enough of them to share. At this rate it will be a long while until we even unlock the first community prize.

I having a similar problem. It was all working fine until I had a ten to twenty second glitch where more presents dropped as soon as I tapped one. That just stopped but since then I not received a single gift bag to donate, the character locater has stopped working and the cup linking to the individual and community counter has disappeared. I tried powering down and deleting/reinstalling the app but michael kors handbags no joy. So neighboureenos I not hoarding, I want to give out gift bags but EA is acting the Scrooge. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also think people need to realize that with just a moderate amount of friends, the gift card prize requirements will be really easy to hit. I have a feeling people are hoarding the gift bags b/c they either don know how to drop them, they think they need to find a buddy, or only have a few friends that may not have the update. I have almost 100 friends, and it only takes about 15 20 michael kors handbags minutes to get through them all now that they sped up the visiting options. I just dropping gift bags at those with lesser amounts of gift cards.

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