michael kors handbags How do I make a carnival penna

How do I make a carnival pennant banner out of garbage bags

Add fun to a party, create a finish line for a race or outline an area for play with a simple, inexpensive pennant banner made quickly from your average garbage bag. You may use any color garbage bag, or decorate michael kors handbags white bags with colored tape or permanent markers. The drawstring in the garbage bags can be used to secure the triangular f michael kors handbags lags. If you do not have drawstring bags, you will need a rope cut to your desired length.

C michael kors handbags ut Out Your PiecesFirst remove the drawstring from the garbage bag. You may tie together as many drawstrings as needed until you reach your desired length. Leave ample space at the ends to secure it when you hang your finished pennant.

Along the fold of the garbage bag, cut out the triangle michael kors handbags pennants. Make the fold, or seam, of the bag the base, and cut the sides of the triangle into a point. You may make the triangles as big or small as you desire, but be sure not to cut the seam.

Assemble the Pennant BannerStretch out the length of rope or drawstring. Open the two sided triangles and sandwich them around the rope so that the rope lies in the seam of each folded triangle. Staple or tape the garbage bag triangles to the rope inside the seam. Repeat along the length of the rope until your pennant banner is complete. Be sure to leave enough room on either end to secure the rope when you hang your finished banner.

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