michael kors handbags How do I make my dogs stop des

How do I make my dogs stop destroying things while we are gone

, I saw this one about 6mo. ago on that dog ladies show, that speaks w/the proper English accent. I cant think of her name, but shes great,, she can make a dog do anything. Anyway, what you do is , without going out of town, you make like you are. Over a period of 5 6 times your going to grab a couple of bags suitcases (empty) and go away for a short (small) amount of time, say 4 5min., the point here is, to return before the animals emotions get out of control. Leave the house again, for say, 10min. Returning each trip to reassure the dogs, that you are actually coming back to them. Next time leaving the house for 20min michael kors handbags . Repeat this on and up to4 6 hrs. of seperation. On another subject, if you dont have a doggy door so the pets can go out, that couldnt hurt, to get one.

It sounds like your dogs are not getting enough excercise or stimulation. Yes, they have eachother, but if you do not excercise your dog daily, they get bored and chew things up. Do an experiment. Take them on a 30 45 min walk every day, and they will probably be to tired to destroy anything. They need to get out of the house to experience different smells, this is what stimulates dogs. I hope this works! It worked michael kors hand michael kors handbags bags michael kors handbags g>for my sister Aussie and my boston terrier, so it should work for you! Introduce toys and treats on their walk, even if you just walk them around the block or to the local park, the different scents will stimutate them and they will be much happier dogs. Good luck!

Right there and then you have to call it to his attention that what he did was wrong. You can continue to let it happen without some type of time out. Then possibly once you tell him that what he did was wrong, grab a favorite toy of his give to him to play with and take it away temporarily. Since he is an animal is different than a child, you have to make him see a relationship with what he has done and the taking away of his favorite toy. Good luck, hope it works.

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