michael kors handbags How do I market my own design

How do I market my own design computer bag with retractable shelves to be used as a mobile table while travel

The first thing I would do is consult a good patent lawyer. If your design is original it might be patentable. Now that you have disclosed your invention publicly you may have reduced your ab michael kors handbags ility to obtain a US patent, but you should definitely seek patent counsel who will help you protect your rights.

If you do get a patent you can then try to license it to established bag manufacturers. If you are unable to get a patent, or cannot / do not wish to license your design, then you h michael kors handbags ave to set out on your own to set up a company to create and sell the bag.

There are consultancies that will offer you turnkey bag development and sourcing, plus some help with sales and distribution. Or you can hire only specific kinds of support and assistance. It all depends on how much money you want to invest in your product and which skills you (o michael kors handbags r your cofounders) personally have.

You should take a look at Maker’s Row Factory Sourcing Made Easy and investigate the support infrastructure in your area for michael kors handbags bag development and sourcing. In the Portland area, where I live, there is a ton of infrastructure because of all the tiny entrepreneurial companies being founded and operated by alumni of the major performance apparel and gear companies headquartered here, like Nike, Columbia, Adidas America, Nau, etc.

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