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How do I move some of the memory for my d drive to my c drive

Windows XP can have “virtual memory” swap files on more than one drive, so you can adjust your swap file sizes and “move memory” from one drive to another.

You would have to go into Control Panel > System > “Advanced” tab > “Performance” button > “Advanced” tab > “Virtual memory” button. In the new window, in the “Virtual Memory” area, press the “Change” button.

At the bottom of the new window there is a “Recommended paging file size.” Decide how big you michael kors handbags want the swap file on D Drive to be, and be prepared to add a swap file to C Drive which, added to the one on D Drive, totals the “Recommended paging file size.”

At th michael kors handbags e top of the window there is a scroll box. Select D Drive, then down below click on the “Custom size” circle checkbox. Put in the size of the swap file you want on D Drive in the “Initial Size” and “Maximum Size” entry boxes, the same number in each box.

Repeat the same steps with C Drive.

Click “OK” on each of the windows to exit, and agree when Windows asks you to reboot the computer.

After rebooting your system should have a “virtual memory” swap file on both D Drive and on C Drive, with part of the recommended paging file size on one drive and the rest michael kors handbags on the other.

NOTE: This is not recommended unless absolutely necessary, as one continuous “virtual memory” swap file works a lot better than two separate swap files.

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