michael kors handbags How do I pack booze for the be

How do I pack booze for the beach

THE ANSWER: Permit me to recraft your question before I answer it.

As we know, consuming alcoho michael kors handbags l in public is a capital crime in most parts of this country (or something close to a capital crime). Aside from a couple of traffic tickets I didn’t deserve, I enjoy a clean judicial record with Her Majesty and have a michael kors handbags job to keep, so I refuse to be an accessory to unlawfulness of any sort.

The question I will an michael kors handbags swer is this, then: How do I pack a good, wholesome carton of fruit juice for a summer walk or picnic? A Thermos bottle, preferably glass lined, is your best bet. This being summer, you’re probably considering white grape juice rather than red, which tastes better cold than red does. I would go so far as to drop two ice cubes (gently) into the Thermos. You’d be surprised at how the j michael kors handbags uice will not taste significantly worse as a result of the melted water.

If you don’t own a Thermos, wrap the carton in several plastic bags, which will create insulating layers of air. A thick, sealable freezer bag is a good first layer if you want to throw a few ice cubes in, assuming you trust the seal and want to stuff the bottle in your purse.

Plastic cups are a must. Yes, I did say “wine” glasses, but these tumblers work just as well for non alcoholic juice. There’s even a new sparkling wine model from govino that features the long bowl of a Champagne flute. These work nicely for sparkling non alcoholic cider.

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