michael kors handbags How do I put up with my sister

How do I put up with my sister

I bet I have you all beat! I live 2 doors down from sister in law and she is a lazy 41 year old mother, who doesn work, (unless 2.5 hours a week constitutes as a work week)she doesn cook or clean, much less get out of bed before noon to care for her children. Her children stop by our house many days of the week for breakfast (while she is asleep of course) and I bet if the kids bathe 2 times a week that is saying a lot. She has a daughter that is completely out of control( that other relatives are contemplating hot lining her and trying to get custody)her daughter has stolen from us, other relatives, friends and neighbors, she is 11 and has regressed to behaviors of a toddler, like opening a box of band aids and sticking them around the house or taking a bag of sugar and slapping it all around the kitchen, the same with laundry soap, these are just mild examples of her off the hook behavior. Most days of the week I have at least one o michael kors handbags f the children for up to 14 hours. I work, go to school and have a family of my own. If I do not have them my mother in law does. They will not take their children to the grocery store, but expect us to. Yesterday I called to advise that my niece was online calling me a liar and being very disrespectful and my sister in law proceeded to yell at me that she won ever come over with her kids again (like she ever comes over anyway, michael kors handbags she just sends the kids) that she was sick of hearing how bad her daughter is, she will take care of it. So I asked at her at what point was she going to take care of it? She hung up of course. It absolutely sickens me, that her lazy butt has children crying out for help and she won doing anything as a parent to get them help. Heaven forbid she get out of bed and stay sober one day to care for her kids. But according to her I am the bad person.

Firstly , hats off to all and any that have a sister in law that does indeed cause problems. Yes there are very calm and civil ways to work around this person but unfortunately, not always.

I can relate to what this can be like because I living it. There is always one person that can manage to just get under your skin and stay there. ( no matter how mature and civilized you are). My sister in law is a whopper. This is a grown woman at 45 never married, no children w michael kors handbags ho other than 4 years of sleep away college has never left home to live elsewhere. My hubby is her brother( a few years older). Both of their parents are now dead and my hubby sis isn going anywhere to leave the :”Free Ride” anytime soon. Soo, this means along with years, years and years of just her over all horrible,self rightous behavior and hatefulness, now we have to get the Freeloader who has lived off her elderly parents out. I know a mouthful but true.

So, it hire a lawyer to get a grown woman out of your 50% house (that your sis has lived in free free free of all cost) . Neat trick. She not going to budge until my hubby and I legally force her out. Yep, it a nightmare. You can change others just yourself. Who is telling you the bad things she is saying about your family? This person is repeating things just to hurt you?? That person has a bigger problem then she does. She ruining our marriage. I am married to her brot michael kors handbags her she does nothing but take advantage of him. He let her but I have had it.

She is selfish, bitter, self rightous, miserble, disrespectful, ignorant cheap, uses people to the best of her advantage.

Ok i say your sister in law is really driving you nuts. The best advice i have is to sit down and have a talk with your brother, sister, and sister in law and all explain problems between one another, and if that doesn go well then the only answer is to move out or just stay away.

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