michael kors handbags How do I remove a drivers airb

How do I remove a drivers airbag on a 2006 Saturn Ion

Customer : Yes i do, but when I clicked on it, it was a disclaimer. Let me upload it to this chat box.


Disable the SIR system. Refer to SIR Disabling and Enabling Zone 3. CAUTION:

Refer to SIR Inflator Module Handling and Storage Caution in Service Precautions. A deployed dual stage inflator module will look the same whether one or both stages were used. Always assume a deployed dual stage inflator module has an active stage 2. Improper handling or servicing can activate the inflator module and cause personal injury. Refer to SIR Caution in Service Precautions.

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BigDaddy : Insert the small flat bladed tool into the openings to release the steering wheel inflatable restraint module from the steering wheel.

BigDaddy : Disconnect the horn switch and the inflatable restraint electrical connectors. Remove the inflatable restraint steering wheel module.

BigDaddy : Before all that you must disarm the air bag system like this.


BigDaddy : Turn the steering wheel so that the vehicles wheels are pointing straight ahead. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. Remove the key from the ignition switch. Locate the body control module (BCM) fuse center in the driver’s side of the floor console, then remove fuse center cover. This is normal operation, and does not indicate an SIR system malfunction.

BigDaddy : Remove the driver/left outer trim cover from the instrument panel (I/P). Remove the connector position assurance (CPA) from the ste michael kors handbags ering wheel module coil connector.

BigDaddy : Connect the steering wheel module coil connector to the vehicle harness connector. Install the CPA to the steering wheel module coil connector. Install the left outer trim cover to the I/P.

BigDaddy : Install the AIR BAG fuse into the body control module fuse cen michael kors handbags ter. Install the body control module fuse center cover. Perform the Diagnostic System Check Vehicle if the michael kors handbags AIR BAG warning indicator does not operate as described. Refer to Diagnos michael kors handbags tic System Check Vehicle

BigDaddy : That should be all of it.

Customer : Thank You! My husband is trying it now.

BigDaddy : No problem, let me know if I can help further.

BigDaddy : And if it works ok for him please don’t forget to hit the accept button, I do not get credit until you do

Wonderful service, prompt, efficient, and accurate. Couldn’t have asked for more. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

Thank you for all your help. It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult.

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