michael kors handbags How do I remove Preparation H

How do I remove Preparation H from denim

PretreatPreparation H is an ointment with a mineral and shark oil base. To remove t michael kors handbags he stain, use a pretreatment to lift the oils from the denim before washing. According to Martha Stewart’s stain removal guide, you should pretreat the stain with either acetone, which is also commonly found in nail polish remover, or a dry solvent, such as isopropyl alcohol or a brand name citrus agent called Goo Gone, to dissolve the oil.

DiluteRinse the pretreated stain with rubbing alcohol. Let the fabric dry in a well ventilated area.

Wash and InspectSpray the stained area with a diluted solution of dish washing michael kors handbags liquid and water, then soak the stain in an enzyme detergent (also called a presoaking detergent). The enzymes in these detergents break down proteins and help remove residue. After soaking, wash the garment according to the label in a washing machine with enough room for agitation. The agitation motion of the washing machine helps to remove stains. If after washin michael kors handbags g, the stain is not gone, repeat the treatment michael kors handbags . Dry the denim according to label directions.

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