michael kors handbags How do I sew a zipper into a b

How do I sew a zipper into a bag

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Here is a tutrorial for zippere michael kors handbags d pockets inside bags. They look smart, they prevent your valuables from going ‘walkies’, they make essentials such as lippy and your mirror easy to get at, and a girl can never have too many pockets in her bag! This one is for you Katie :)

A zippered pocket in one of the lining pieces of my bag to be. When inserting pockets into lin michael kors handbags ings always sew the pocket in your lining first before sewing the lining pieces together!

Here’s how I put it together

Shopping list (as if you were buying from a shop, if not using stash fabrics

0.5 yard of fabric for pocket

0.5 yard of Vilene Firm Iron on

1x 7″ Zip

Click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.

1. Cut your pocket pieces cut 2 pocket pieces, and 2 interfacing/stabilizer pieces to the same size. Mine are 25cm (W) x 18cm (H). Also cut 1 more interfacing piece to the same width as the pocket pieces x 7cm high.

Iron the same sized interfacing onto the wrong side of pocket pieces. Now take the smaller interfacing piece and place it onto one of the interfaced pocket pieces, match the top edges and iron on. The extra layer of interfacing at the top this pocket piece will add necessary strength to the pocket, enabling it to take the weight of your wallet and keys etc. This double interfaced pocket piece will be the front of the pocket.

Sew some stitches around the end of the zip to secure the zip halves (as shown in the pic)

newbie2268986, regarding your answer “Sewing Zippers in Bags 2. (aka Zippered inner bag pocket)”: Hey, thanks for the answer :) Looks like I should have been more specific in my question I actually am making a zip top bag, and I michael kors handbags am using one of the heavy duty YKK zippers. In the picture from the tutorial you posted, they sew over nylon teeth which is not as big of a problem, but for me I can’t put my machine needle over the big plastic teeth in my zippers or it bends/breaks michael kors handbags . So I clearly have to get rid of the teeth but I don’t know how without leaving an ugly gap at the end of my zipper.

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