michael kors handbags How do I ship aHey, I sold

How do I ship a

Hey, I sold my CPU on ebay, and I need to ship it. The only store in my town that I was told elsewhere that would carry anti static bags. simply doesn’t. (Radioshack) I HAVE to get this shipped out tomorrow. Or I have to refund michael kors handbags the money because they’re going to want michael kors handbags to know where they’re s is. Is it even possible to package and ship without anti static bags. Shop michael kors handbags ping online obviously is just not realistic.

I wouldnt even have sold the stupid thing if I knew that I wasnt going to be able to ship it without anti static bags.

Have you tried any computer shops, especially small independent ones (rather than the big chains)? They ought to have loads of anti static bags lying around all the parts they fit to systems should come in them.

How about asking a friendly nerd at work/school the IT guy or another enthusiast? Most nerds that I know (myself included) are near obsessive hoarders of ASBs “You never know when they’ll come in handy!”

Are you sure you haven’t got any bags at all sitting around from past upgrades, etc? Bear in mind that it’s not just the silvery looking bags that are anti static some are clear with a kind of black cross hatch pattern on them and I’ve even seen pink ones.

Failing all else, you should be able to get away with wrapping the CPU in plain paper it’s not too “staticky” compared with, say, a regular poly michael kors handbags thene bag except in extremely dry conditions but obviously this is a last resort.

Okay, I emailed the guy telling him that I won’t be able to ship without an anti static bag, so I have another 2 days to search for one. I just looked up this “computer shop” in my town, walked over there just for them to be Out of Business. It was a local one, so I dont think there are any others. I’ve never bought a computer part outside of a network card a couple years ago, and it didnt come in one. I don’t have a job or go to school. I’m going to try to go the city tomorrow and see if I cant find a shop that has them. Seems the only place I found so far is office depot which wants $100+ for them because its bulk. Ridiculous to buy that many when I’ll probably never use them outside of this one time. If nothing comes up, I will have to resort to the “paper” method. Thanks for the help!

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