michael kors handbags How do I spot a fake Marc Jaco

How do I spot a fake Marc Jacobs bag

ZipperInspecting the zipper closely will go a long way to help you determine if the Mark Jacobs bag is a fake. Zippers are engraved with the distinctive Marc Jacobs logo. you should also look for a stamped “ michael kors handbags riri” or Lam michael kors handbags po logo and make sure the zipper has a rounded head. The “i” in riri should not be curved on the bottom. There will also be a stamped number indicating the zipper size.

Serial NumberLook for a serial number, although the lack of one may not mean the bag is a fake. Those that are marked will contain a letter and two numbers, indicating the season and year it was made, followed by a three or four digit model and style number. The serial number michael kors handbags is printed in the inner zipped pocket, in the corner seam.

michael kors handbags TagsExamine the hang tag. Most fake Marc Jacob bags will have a dangling metal or leather tag. The tag that describes the bag’s price, name, style and color should have a black string. Fake bags typically have a white string.

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