michael kors handbags How do I spot fake PradaPr

How do I spot fake Prada

Prada LogoCheck your logo. The typical Prada logo features all five letters capitalized. The tail of the “R” in Prada extends at a straight angle rather than being curved. The lining of the bag should also feature the Prada logo, again with every letter capitalized, repeated over the michael kors handbags entire piece of fabric. Real Prada bags feature a bronze plaque, often in the shape of a triangle, on the bag’s exterior, with the trim of the plaque matching or coordinating with michael kors handbags the bag’s hardware. The interior also should have metal plaques on each side of the bag.

HardwareExamine the bag’s hardware. While vintage Prada purses may have plastic zippers, contemporary Prada bags almost always have metal zippers, inside and out. Real Prada bags feature zippers imprinted with the logo of the hardware manufacturer. Among the names or imprints you may find on the zippers are Lampo, RIRI, YKK, Opti, and IPI. The rare Prada bag features a zipper without any imprint.

PackagingInspect the packaging. Most manufacturers and sellers of fake bags do not bother to counterfeit their packaging. Features such as a clea michael kors handbags r plastic bag with a draw string holding the Prada purse, known as a dust bag, can be a sign of authenticity. Sometimes the dust bag is made of white cotton. The dust bags should have the Prada logo on them either in sticker form or imprinted on the bag. Depending on the materials the bag is made o michael kors handbags f there should be one to three Prada authenticity cards inside the bag.

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