michael kors handbags How Do I Tell If it Is Food Gr

How Do I Tell If it Is Food Grade Plastic

Food Drug Administration. Plastics used to package food must be of high quality and cannot contain harmful dyes or chemicals. The Society of Plastics Industry has established a seven point system of categor michael kors handbags izing and labeling food michael kors handbags grade plastics. Learning how to tell if a plastic container is food grade plastic is easy. Look for a triangle shaped label with rounded corners made of th michael kors handbags ree arrows, then check the number in the center to determine what type of plastic is in the container.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is the plastic of choice for milk and juice jugs and other such item that need to be held in a rigid container. Not only does HDPE have superior moisture resistant properties, it is also resistant to chemical and detergents used in the household. In addition to milk bottles, HDPE can be found in 5 gallon food buckets and disposable shopping bags. It is important to note that not all HDPE containers are considered food grade. If they are not labelled specifically as “food s michael kors handbags afe,” the container should be lined with a food grade plastic bag before storing food in it.

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