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How do static bags work

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limit my search to /r/askscienceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for michael kors handbags details. The polyethylene variant may also take the form of foam or bubble wrap, either as sheets or bags. Because of the need for protection against mechanical damage as well as electrostatic damage, layers of protection are often used; because of this, a protected device can be packaged inside a metalized PET film bag, which is packed inside a pink polyethylene bubble wrap bag, which is finally packe michael kors handbags d inside a rigid black polyethylene box lined with pink poly foam.”

So inside the packaging, there is a conductive “lattice” just michael kors handbags like in a regular Faraday cage.

Plastic bags don “attract” static electricity. But they can easily become charged through rubbing (the triboelectric effect), and very thin bags will readily move due to static charges, particularly if they are a good insulator.

There are several kinds of “antistatic” bags. Others are “conductive”, and often contain a metallized film layer. These bags are also made of materials or have coatings that don readily pick up charges through rubbing. Conductive bags tend to be a bit more expensive and work a bit better.

Theoretically, if you enclose something entirely with a perfectly conducting surface, no electric field can penetrate it. But none of these bags come close to being perfect conductors. The main idea is to make sure that if they do pick up a charge, they can easily be discharged by grounding the bag, and doing so will bleed off the charge slowly enough that sensitive michael kors handbags electronics inside the bag won be harmed. And to make sure that if a charged person touches the bag, the charge transfer will either move very slowly across the bag and/or be very evenly distributed around the surface of the bag.

The conductive bags are better at “repelling” any electric fields, but that isn really the biggest hazard for ESD. It is picking up charge due to coming into contact with another charged object, or through the triboelectric effect (rubbing).

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