michael kors Hotel Stuff We Love to Steal

Hotel Stuff We Love to Steal

Out of the 400 participants in the travel booking website’s nationwide survey, michael kors 66 percent swear that they have left their hotel rooms fully stocked, meaning that a notable 34 percent confessed to having sticky fingers. Out of the 250 survey participants, only 25 percent admitted to petty larceny. News Travel has identified the items that have the most potential to wind up in guests’ suitcases. (Note: Those mini bottles of shampoo and lotion don’t count. Everyone steals those.)

5. Pillows

Hotels make their money by providing travelers with a place to lay their heads, so it makes sen michael kors se that the more successful establishments boast enviable bed adornments. Of the 34 percent of Americans that reported swiping souvenirs, 2 percent admitted that a hotel pillow found its way home with them. Meanwhile, Canadians are less likely michael kors to claim a new head rest, with only 1 percent of bandits checking out with cushions in tow.

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Nothing says “the good life” quite like hunkering down in a fresh, fluffy robe with a glass of wine and a TV remote. But spa quality bathrobes can be expensive, and some travelers have cut costs by stealing robes directly from the source: hotel and spa rooms. Out of the 34 percent of Americans that confessed to pocketing in room amenities, 3 percent have claimed a robe; that’s 2 percent higher than the bathrobe thievery rate among our northern neighbors.

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3. It’s these seemingly uninteresting extras that attract 11 percent of American lifters. And if you thought shoeshine kits and shower caps were random, a small percentage of Canadians have also admitted to stealing hotel irons.

2. Books and Magazines

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1. Linens and Towels

With many hotels boasting high thread count sheets and oversized bath towels, it’s easy to see why guests would michael kors be tempted to re stock their linen closets while on vacation. Of the 34 percent of American travelers who confess having stolen hotel amenities, a whopping 14 percent identify those items as fitting nicely on a bed or a towel rack.

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