michael kors outlet How Can I Bag Your Panic Attac

How Can I Bag Your Panic Attack

Do you want paper or plastic with your panic attack? I’ve got an idea: neither! Leave the bags at the grocery store.

Panic attacks (also known as anxiety attacks) often come with hyperventilation, something I’m sure you’ve heard of, but do you know what it looks like? On TV, it’s big and dramatic, gulping down air and clutching the chest like the victim is having a heart attack.

Hyperventilation is usually pretty mellow to watch. Most folks don’t even look like anything’s going on. They just breathe, albeit too fast and mostly too deep. They’re getting rid of carbon dioxide, something we need to have in the bl michael kors outlet oodstream in just the right amount.

So often I have hyperventilation patients who absolutely do not think they’re michael kors outlet breathing too fast. They think they’re having shortness of breath and need to breathe. Indeed, it can be really hard to tell the difference between someone having shortness of breath because of a panic attack and someone having shortness of breath due to some other medical cause.

Being able to talk them down is one difference. If the victim can calm d michael kors outlet own and fix the feeling of shortness of breath, he or she is probably suffering from a panic attack rather than asthma or some other condition. Panic attacks are pretty overpowering, however, so not being able to shake it doesn’t mean it’s not a panic attack. It just means we need to look at everything else, too.

You may not die from a panic attack, but thinking that the asthma bronchospasm is “just” a panic attack is likely to make the victim really sick.

What about having the panic attack victim breathe into a paper bag? Not a good idea. It works for panic attacks (a little) but it’s terribly dan michael kors outlet gerous for almost any respiratory disease. Better to try talking the victim down.

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