michael kors outlet online How can I design and make a cu

How can I design and make a custom camera bag

I have an SLR camera and would like to carry it around (on vacation, etc.) wit michael kors outlet online hout marking myself as a tourist. I find that the bags on the market are functional but unattractive. Is there a way say, an online service that would allow me to design and manufacture my own bag? I would like it to look like a stylish purse or tote while still cushioning the camera properly. I am not a designer, but it would be great if I could choose the materials and overall shape. Alternatively, if I were to approach a contract manufacturing company, what kind of minimum order req michael kors outlet online uirement should I expect? And how feasible would this route be if I don’t have a design background?

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Rather than a manufacturer, someone from Etsy could build you exactly the bag you want. Many of those folks do custom work. It’s just a matter of finding one whose current bag styles match your own, then they would customize.

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Yes, find a regular bag you like then use camera bag inserts to custom fit the camera. Just like the DIY bag that Bahro posted, but more ghetto. Plus, in an emergency I have a warm cap.

I also don’t use a lens cap michael kors outlet online I put on a lens hood instead, which does a fine job of keeping most things from touching the lens. (I really like just being able to reach in the bag and lift out the camera with one hand and it’s ready to go. I have a Pentax ist DS, which with either the 50mm prime or the 16 45 f/4 is easy to lift and use with one hand.) I prefer the messenger style bag to backpacks because I can just slide it around to remove the camera, I don’t have to take off a backpack and find maybe find somewhere to put it.

The x small size is just big enough for my Pentax and the two lenses. If you have something like the EOS D5 you’d need something bigger.

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I do exactly this basically, I bought a waterproof messenger bag (in my case from Timbuk2; not all camera bags are waterproof but I consider it mandatory), covered some foam with fabric and put that at the bottom, then lined the interior with velcro tape to attach some Domke camera bag inserts I had laying around. Everything important is well padded, but I don’t stand out as having anything special.

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a second suggestion for etsy had great luck there with custom things in the past (great work + good price)

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Definitely Etsy. Or you might like the Jill e photo totes. Click around for different options.

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I went through this dilemma a while ago and found some diaper bags that seemed suitable for my needs. (However, I had to add my own padding)

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Army surplus bags

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Thanks for all the great suggestions! I’ll check out Etsy and also look into a DIY option with the camera bag inserts. I actually went into a local camera store not long along and asked for advice but no one mentioned that I could get padding like that. That’s a far easier solution than what I was considering. Thanks again.

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