michael kors outlet online How Can I Stop Fogging in My F

How Can I Stop Fogging in My Fishfinder

Fogging in the FishfinderFishfinders help you locate fish when you are out on a boat by sending you a signal when a fish is close. But, sometimes problems arise with the fishfinder. For example, people have had issues with the screen fogging up. So, how can I stop fogging in my fishfinder? Well, it’s actually fairly easy.

A fishfinder is very similar to a GPS unit screen in that you see terrain and movement on the screen. If you cannot see the screen, you won’t be able to see fish either. So, you definitely need to clear up that screen problems as soon as possible.

Usually, a fishfinder will start fogging up when moisture gets inside the glass. It can also happen when humidity rises inside the screen. This causes either the screen to completely fog up, or it will at least create water spots on the inside.

Fixing the Problem with RiceBut, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to fix the problem. One easy and quick way to fix the problem is with rice and a zip lock bag.

Fill the bag up with rice to michael kors outlet online the point that you can close the bag, but still fit your fishfinder inside. Try getting one of the zip lock bags with the vacuum seal technology. This will help remove all the air from the bag.

Stick the fishfinder in the bag, and let it sit in a dry area. Be sure that the area does not get any light as this will cause the humidity to rise in the bag once more. Keep the bag closed for a couple of weeks. You may try checking on it to see if it is working; just do not open the bag. Simply peer through the bag itself. After a couple of weeks, the rice should have absorbed all of the moisture.

Using Desiccant BagsAnother option is to use a desiccant bag. These are the little “do not eat” bags that come with many packages. You can either save them up, or buy some online. These will work the same way as the rice. Simply put the fishfinder in with the desiccants, and leave them alone for a couple of weeks.

You might try putting the bag with the desiccants in light as it will heat up the bags and cause them to absorb more humidity. But, you should try doing some experimentation since it may cause the humidity to rise like it does with the rice.

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