michael kors outlet online How can I tell biodegradable p

How can I tell biodegradable plastic bags apart from non

I keep a lot of my stuff organized in n michael kors outlet online < michael kors outlet online /strong>ormal disposable plastic bags I have left after shopping at various markets. And it works fine, except after a couple years I often find a bag in shreds, simply falling apart. Biodegradable reaching their end of life, making a mess in my stuff and not serving their purposes. I’d be better off disposing of them or not getting them in the first place. Sometimes they are labeled, but sometimes there is nothing to signify whether they can last years or will fall apart.

Is there a reliable way to distinguish these from non degradable michael kors outlet online g> michael kors outlet online plastic bags before they start falling apart?

I remember several years ago going to a fast food chain and getting my take out in a biodegradable bag. The employees were very enthusiastic about explaining that the bags would break down on their own within a year. There was never an answer when I pointed out that I had several of the biodegradable bags in a drawer in my desk for over a year, and none looked any worse for the wear. The chain has since started using paper. It always good to be realistic about the biodegradability of these bags!.

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