michael kors outlet online How Can I Tell If My Louis Vui

How Can I Tell If My Louis Vuitton Handbag Is Real

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Gam michael kors outlet online es ToysKnow the appearance of an authentic bag. Check the tag first. Louis Vuitton does not tag its bags with cheap string and a circular piece of plastic marked with in the middle. Authent michael kors outlet online ic bags also come in real dust bags (the protective cover over a Louis Vuitton bag). If you’ve got a round dust bag that appears to be made out of inexpensive material with rounded corners, it’s not a real Vuitton.Examine the interior. Counterfeit bags tend to use inexpensive plastic or brown or tan suede to line the interior. Louis Vuit michael kors outlet online ton does not use plastic as hardware on its handbags; it uses brass and gold metal. Also, the zippers of a genuine Louis Vuitton bag have the initials michael kors outlet online neatly imprinted. Scrutinize the design pattern. The pattern on a genuine bag lines up and does not appear tilted or disproportionate from one side to the next. Do not rely on the date code because counterfeiters duplicate these as well.

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