michael kors outlet online How can i tell if recently vac

How can i tell if recently vacated tenant was cooking meth

I am a leasing agent at a rather large property management company. We had a tenant that has been living in the same apartment for the last 11 years move out today. This tenant worked maintenance for our property for 4 of the first years he has lived here. He has refused bi yearly inspections since his employment ended, and since he was a trusted employee, we never demanded entry.

About an hour after he turned in his keys today, I went to the apartment for pre turnover inspection. The apartment has severe orange/yellow/reddish staining covering every wall, surface, and carpet area. The bathroom sink and bathtub are severely stained, with the bathtub having a 2 foot wide black discoloring that rises about 3 feet up onto the connected wall. I hope that this is black mold and the wall/carpet staining is due to long term smoking, but I cant help but worry that he was cooking meth in the apartment. Is it possible that cigarette smoke is the culprit? Or should I ask my property manager to test for meth chemicals?

After inspecting the apartment I came down with a sore throat and hoarse voice.

I also have a couple pictures taken of the bathroom that I can upload if someone could tell me how to do that.

Luke, I fear that you have a worse problem than just one unit.

My understanding, confirmed by the thread which Stevel Babiak had provided the link, is that Meth clean up is very involved and very expensive. I be surprise if it were limited to just one unit.

Was this tenant actually living there? Could you find him if you needed to or has he disappeared into the wind?

Did the other neighbor complain? Is there any loss of vegetation around the unit?

This is also a lesson for you and others that every unit needs regular inspections.

A rehabber in my area bought a house that ended up sitting with the roof off; I thought that was really odd (at first). Then they tore it down a few weeks later, to the point where one garage wall was all that remained s michael kors outlet online tanding. When I caught up with him and asked about that house, he told me it was a meth house, and that getting rid of everything was the solution that made most sense for their situation (they were re selling and had to provide a seller disclosure by PA state law). Hope this one isn also a tear down, but as Kevin just ment michael kors outlet online ioned, the c michael kors outlet online hemicals can infiltrate into places where you can access readily.

Also no complaints from neighboring units of strange smells.

George P.: I spoke with our maintenance head and found out that this tenant was fired from his maintenance position due to “coming into work sick and tired frequently” and having an alcohol problem.

Am I correct that the choice to report thi michael kors outlet online s incidence is ultimately his?

Thanks for posting the pictures. The first time I saw something like that I got really freaked out!!! It was just so scary, on that day I was alone in the pitch black dark with just a flashlight, in the basement of a vacant urine smelling home in the hood). I had just watched 28 Days Later for the first time. Scenes of blood splatter was fresh in my mind. A murder scene was my gut reaction. I got the f out of there. I have seen it more recently and in the broad day light its not so scary but it just feels so seedy. I have been in some seedy places but the manufacture of drugs is just so horrible.

Great luck to you it is terrible this happened to one of your properties. What I think you should do is call the police. After you give the 5 0 the info, just let the police do what they do. They will snoop around. At least they will have a new lead. Maybe the guy did provide all fake info, well its up to the Police to determine that.

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