michael kors outlet online How can I tell if this Louis V

How can I tell if this Louis Vuitton is real

with real louis vuitton purses, or wallets the LV is never cut off where the pattern meets the stiching/side of the bag. only the symbols. also if your bag is one where the top flips over, the monograms should meet up. usually. and most of t michael kors outlet online he time there should be a serial number on the gold part where it buttons. also just look closely at the stitching and see how sturdy it is, the fake ones are not made as nicely as the real ones obviously, and most of the fake ones don have re michael kors outlet online al leather.

sunshynstategrl you are more retarded than any of us. you are describing the parts of a bag that are usually the ones being carefully imitated. I assuming all your stuff at this time (that you thought are all original) are all fake and you are too retarded to know it.

omg I feel so bad for you these other answers are retarded I understand your problem it is real if on the inside it says louis vuitton made in france and it will have a little circle michael kors outlet online with an are in it and the leather zipper part will say the same thing. good luck!

If the pe michael kors outlet online rson who gave it to you isnt a rich aunt then i would presume its a fake. But really, who cares if its real or not. If you like it that is all that matters. Dont be a slave to labels!

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