michael kors outlet online How can l lose 5 lbsI had

How can l lose 5 lbs

I had excellent results with the Ultra Slim Fast program. You could in lose about 5 6 pounds the first week, then it tapers down till like 3 4 pounds the second week, eventually going down to approx 2 pounds a week. You have to do right by the book. Always remember to eat at least 1,200 calories per day minimum. Absolutely don go below that even if you don feel hungry. Remember that USF has a lot of fiber, which will make you feel full, hence less hunger so you might be tempted to skip snacks, salads, and desserts. Don do that, just choose low calorie alternatives.

Breakfast: USF Shake, once daily multivtamin, red bull energy drink

Dinner: Diet tv dinner(Weight watchers or Lean Cuisine), Chefs salad with meat like ham steak or chicken pieces and low fast shredded cheese and low calorie dressing.

Snac michael kors outlet online k: Plain Yogurt, red bull energy drink.

PS: Whenever you start a new diet program, you body will fight you because of the decrease in caloric intake, so please drink about 6 8 regular glasses of water spread out during the day, take a good multivitamin every day, and if you like me and get tired easily due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (I get tired easily), try something like B12 pills for energy, or try drinking a red bull energy drink like once or twice a day. Sometimes feeling tired will trigger in your brain that you are hungry.

once the weight starts melting off, then you could reintroduce regular low calorie foods during the snack times. Once you start to get to your goal weight, you could start eating regular foods, just make sure that you follow low fat cooking guidelines.

Pros Cons:

When you start USF, you wi michael kors outlet online ll go to the bathroom more often in the first 1 2 weeks because your body has to get used to the fiber incease. The “Boring” factor. Some people give up because they get bored. you could adjust the above, just as long as you don go below 1,200 calories per day. When you eat 6 meals per day, hence the 3 meals and the 3 snacks, you keep up your metabolism hence you get less hungry, and less tired.

You should not try to loose 5 pounds of fat in 5 days, it is simply unhealthy, and not realistic. Generally, 2 pounds a week should be your goal. As mentioned by the previous answerer, 5 pounds of fat is about 17,500 calories. That 17,500 calories you have to cut from your diet and/or burn through exercise. Assuming you eat 2000 calories a day to maintain your weight, fasting entirely for 5 days would only account for 10,000 calories and would by no means be health. The remaining 7,500 calories could be burned off through excercise, but that, too, is an unhealthy amount of exercise in that short amount of time. If you chose to walk it off, you have to walk about 75 miles! As you can probably figure out, the combination of fasting and heavy exercising would likely send you to the ER.

Of course, there are pills and drinks that promise things like “lose 5 lbs in 5 days”. They work as diuretics and laxatives, not as a miraculous way to burn off fat. Thus, the weight loss is very temporary, and will come back as soon as you eat and drink. And, the use of diuretics and laxatives for weight loss is generally not healthy, and can even be dangerous especially if done repeatedly.

Consider: Five pounds equals roughly 17,500 calories. Cut those calories out of your diet or do activities that burn those calories up, and you should lose about 5 pounds. That may sound like a lot of calories, but you can melt them away in a month of smart eating and simple exercises. Here are a few suggestions to show you how michael kors outlet online easy it is. Add your own activities for even more weight loss benefits:

1. Drink 16 ounces of skim milk each day instead of 2% milk.2. Eat an open faced sandwich every day. Losing that one piece of bread will help you shed almost a pound.3. Walk the dog for 15 extra minutes each day, or take a 15 minute walk during your lunch break.4. Get your chocolate fix: Eat half a cup of chocolate pudding made with 2% milk, instead of, say, two chocolate sandwich cookies with an 8 ounce michael kors outlet online glass of whole milk every day.5. Don pay the neighbor kid! Shovel snow for half an hour, once a week. Volunteer to shovel an elderly neighbor walkway.6.

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