michael kors outlet online How Can One Spot A Fake Handba

How Can One Spot A Fake Handbag

Designer handbags are fashion accessories that all women love to possess. These designer handbags are available in many shapes, colors and sizes. These can be used to go well with any outfit, especially when women want to make a fashion statement. However, the high price of the designer handbags often makes it difficult for a lot of women to buy such handbags. This is one of the main reasons why the fake designer handbags are in trend.

Fake ha michael kors outlet online ndbags are available at much cheaper price as compared to the original designer handbags. These fake handbags are almost exact replicas of the original designer bags. Also these handbags are available with the labels of almost all designers. Any person carrying a fake bag can easily pass it off as an original one as most people do not know how to differentiate between the original and fake bags.

Usually people cannot tell the difference between an original handbag and a fake one. However, there are few things in the fake purses which if carefully noticed can help one identify that the handbag is a fake one.

The most common giveaway for fake designer handbags is the material used in the manufacturing of the handbags. When fake bags came into marketplace, it was very easy to tell the difference because of the poor quality of the materials used. However, with rising competition, the quality of the fake bags improved and it became almost impossible to differentiate between an original handbag and a fake bag. If one looks at michael kors outlet online the material used in manufacturing the fake handbag, one can notice that the material bends at unusual places, which does not happen in original handbags. Another thing that can help people spot a fake hand bag is the way in which the stitching is done. Fake bags will never be constructed as per the rules and standards o michael kors outlet online f craftsmanship.

Labels can ve michael kors outlet online ry easily help one to identify that a handbag is a fake one. One can examine the label closely and if it looks to be cheaply made or if the designer’s name is misspelled, it means that the handbag is a fake one.

When designers sell handbags they are given in a handbag box. This is however not the case when one buys fake designer handbags from a stall or the local market. These handbags are then given in a plastic bag. This clearly indicates that the handbag is a fake or copy of the original design.

Another thing that is very common with fake purses is that they generally have faulty zippers, handles and straps. These may either not be properly fixed or they may get easily ripped from the handbag. This can even happen with original bags but very rarely. So, one can easily spot a fake bag.

Generally, all designer original handbags come with a booklet. This booklet can describe the quality of the handbag in detail. This booklet is often absent when one buys fake bags. One can then easily spot that the handbag is a fake one.

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