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How can you get rid of lice naturally

Treat head lice using olive oil Rub enough olive oil in the hair and scalp to cover generously. Put on a shower cap and leave it overnight. In the morning wash out with dawn dishwashing liquid. If you have thick or long hair it may take a couple of times to get all the oil out.

Treat head lice using salt This remedy is the most simplest and easiest method to do. Get a bottle of normal shower gel. Take the lid off and add to it 3 tablespoons of salt. Saturate the hair and scalp in this solution and leave on for half an hour. Then just simply wash the hair as normal. This always makes your hair really shiny.

Treat head lice with white vinegar Mix 50 parts white vinegar and 50 parts water. Massage into the hair and cover with a shower cap or cling wrap. Leave on for at least 40 minutes or longer if you are able. This solution will neutralizes the glue substance that the lice use to wrap their eggs around the hair shaft. This treatment is only for ridding the hair of nits, not lice.

Treat head lice using mayonnaise Saturate the hair with mayonnaise being sure to get every strand. Then cover with a plastic bag and leave on for at least an hour. After this time remove the plastic bag and blow dry for at least 10 minutes. Wash out. Now saturate the hair with wh michael kors outlet online ite vinegar and plain cheap hair gel. Then simply comb out or pull out the lice and eggs.

The mayonnaise suffocates the adult lice, but does not kill the eggs. It does not always kill all of them. It is impossible to remove every egg from the hair strands.

If you are using a home remedy, remember, it only takes one egg to hatch to begin the cycle all over again.

The oil remedies are more of a preventative measure because it makes it more difficult for the female lice to attach their eggs to the hair strand.

The regular shampoos and dish washing soap do not kill lice and their eggs. They may hate it, but they will not “leap off” or die from any of those products.

Lice are parasites. They need a host to survive and to reproduce.

A shampoo called RID is available and although it is a pesticide, it will not harm you. It will kill all the adult fleas and their eggs.

Whatever eggs are miss michael kors outlet online ed using the special comb, will eventually fall off through normal brushing and shampooing of the hair.

If you are ashamed to be seen buying the products, don be.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, lice live on clean hair. Good hygiene is the ideal breeding ground for these pests. Lice find it difficult, not impossible, to live on hair that is unwashed and oily because the eggs do not attach to the hair strands as easily as clean hair.

If you choose not to buy the products to safely RID you of your problem, you might find yourself shaving your head!

omg my daughters had gotten them and I did use the RIT 2x, then the next day I still noticed one live one. So I did the mayo treatment, but left it in over night, then used dawn dish liquid and comb out the rest. I feel that these treatments together help rid her of them. I keep checking everyday for the next month to make sure. I also bought the lice repellent spray, I figu michael kors outlet online red that there is still probably kids with lice and their parents don know it, so I am trying every option out there. If you don have the money, do the mayo treatment at least 3x a week for the first two weeks and at the very least you will need to buy the combs with the metal teeth to comb out the dead lice and eggs. Good Luck. From a mom who has been there.

you can use mayonaise, it really works! the rid didn kill the big bugs. but the mayo does. it kills every bug dead. you completely cover your head with room temp mayo ( not miracle whip ), then put a shower cap on, this is for the heat and dripping. leave on for 2 hours, then shampoo completely. next rinse it with vineger to loosen the glue from the nits. then just comb out hair with a nit comb. d michael kors outlet online o it again in 7 to 10 days. I have used the rid and the mayo, and I would never waste my money on the rid again. the mayo treatment works the best. plus it is healty and everyone has mayo at home.

As i previously mentioned, if it were me in the situation of having head lice or someone in my family, I would go to the store and buy a recommended over the counter medicine.

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