michael kors outlet online How can you know which bag onl

How can you know which bag only has nine marbles

The total for the other bags will end in 0 since 10s are being added. A rightmost 7 means it is the third bag with the 9 gram marbles. In each case the rightmost digit reveals which bag contains the 9 gram marbles. Make a pile containing one marble from the first bag, two from the second bag, three from the third bag, and so on. Weigh the pile, subtract the total weight from 550 grams, and that will be the number of the bag with the lighter marbles.

For example, if the third bag is light, your pile will contain the following:

1 x 10 grams

2 x 10 grams

3 x 9 grams

4 x michael kors outlet online 10 grams

5 x 10 grams

6 x 10 grams

7 x 10 grams

8 x 10 grams

9 x 10 grams

10 x 10 grams547 grams total, and 550 547 is 3.

Since you chose a different number from each bag, and you know only one bag is light, the difference between the actual weight of the pile and the amount it would weigh if they were all 10 gram marbles tells you which bag you looking for. There are other ways to pick michael kors outlet online the marbles, as long as you pick a different number fro michael kors outlet online m each bag, but this way makes it easy to find the answer.

Remove marbles from each bag so each bag has the same amount of marbles (10).

Place all of the bags of marbles on the scale, and note the total.

If the 9 gram marble bag has either 10 or 20 (or some other multiple of 10) marbles in it, the total grams of all the bags will be a multiple of 10. Otherwise the total grams will be some number NOT a multiple of 10.

Remove the first bag. If the total is 90 grams less, you have the bag with 9 gram marbles in your hand (10 of them). If the total is reduced by almost any other multiple of 10, you have removed a bag with 10 gram marbles. If the total is 180, 270, (or any other multiple of 90 grams) less, you MAY have t michael kors outlet online he 9 gram marble bag, but you cannot be sure unless you open the bag and count the marbles, and then divide by the weight of the bag.

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