michael kors outlet online How Can You Reuse 768 Plastic

How Can You Reuse 768 Plastic Envelopes and Bags

Recently, The Register pointed us to a big packaging misstep by electronic michael kors outlet online s manufacturer H michael kors outlet online ewlett Packard. T michael kors outlet online he company shipped out hundreds of plastic envelopes and ba michael kors outlet online gs, each containing one very small computer part. Could they have done a better job? Absolutely. But that’s not what we’re hoping to figure out here. No, the damage is already done, and we want to know now how to minimize the impact.

See, the recipient of the shipment, Mark Bridgett, is curious about something: “I just can’t come up with any uses for 768 plastic packages and 768 ripped open jiffy bags. Answers on a postcard please.”

It’s easy to come up with ways to reuse cardboard packaging, but plastic packaging is a whole different beast. We’re challenging you to stretch your brain and help come up with some ideas. After getting lots of practice reading our 5 Reuses For. section, you must be able to come up with some fun, crazy, useful ideas for what to do with all those envelopes and bags. So, what’s your solution? Let us know in the comments!

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