michael kors outlet online How Can You Tell If A Coach Pu

How Can You Tell If A Coach Purse Is Real

The inside plate stitched to the purse says made in china. This is not indicator it is fake. I have never seen a coach bag that says made in Italy in my life. Ebay is full of fakes, though it is their policy that fake purses are not to be sold. I think we all know this not the case.

I just bought the 2010 KRISTEN op art large satchel, its pretty heavy, Id say the purse weighs 2 pounds with nothing in it. Every silver stud on the purse has coach engraved on it, it came with a leather stamped tag on the side and a removable shoulder strap with silver hardware. Its a sateen blend which means, it has 1 stitch under and four stitches over, giving it a high thread count and a soft feel to the touch. The zipper is very thick and sturdy and the leather is very soft. Its OP art so none of the C’s actually touch, but they all line up evenly and sit perfectly side by side. Other coach bags the tip of the C;s will touch. Coach does make plain leather bags, this summers colors are salmon,torquise and a muted yellow. The plain purses should have the leather plate stitched into the inside and the hardware should be engraved with the coach logo est.1941, plus it should have the hard leather plated keychain stating its coach. It wil michael kors outlet online l not be flimsy or crappy. ”Most” bags come with some type of keychain, mine did n michael kors outlet online ot, I bought one, it ran me about 90 bucks and every charm on the keychain has coach engraved on the back, I purchased this in store. The thing is, it will feel real and look real, you can’t mistake the quality.

The MAIN reason stores don’t authenticate is because technically they have the right to confiscate counterfeit purses since they are illegal and the market is so flooded with them.

Hope this helps.

While it comes to Coach Purse, there are various cues by which you can find out its authenticity. A Coach purse or handbag comes with a creed which is stitched onto the inside on the handbag with a unique serial number. You can always note this number and contact Coach to check if the bag or purse is real.

The Coach purse or bag comes with a hand tag that is rectangular tag stamped with “Coach” attached to the side of the bag with a little chain. The name of the brand is such that all ‘c’s line up horizontally, vertically and side to side. If this is not the case, the purse or bag can be a fake. Also look for the “C” emblem on the purse. Most fake handbags and purses are made in China.

I have a purse in question of its authenticity. I called Coach and they cannot tell me anything ove michael kors outlet online r the phone. I ev michael kors outlet online en asked about taking it to a Coach store, but the gentleman I talked to said the stores are no longer able to tell this information. He also told me I can send the purse in to find out if it is real, but I had to meet certain criteria. I had to have paid $125 or more and I had to release all buyer/seller information. If we do not meet this criteria, then we will never know. Good Luck!

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