michael kors outlet online How can you tell when a diamon

How can you tell when a diamond is real

What goran said is true, a diamond tester tests the thermal conductivity of the specimin. Diamond has the highest thermal condu michael kors outlet online ctivity of any natural stone. In the late 1990s a new imposter arrived, gems made of synthetic silicon carbide which in jewlery was ca michael kors outlet online lled Moissanite. Moissanite thermal conductivity is close enough to diamond that testers misidentified it as diamond. It is also very hard, nearly as hard as diamond. Skilled gemologists can identify synthetic with at a loupe and there is also a tester that identifies this through its phosophorence.

My ex showed me a water test to identify diamonds but to tell the truth I don remember the details. Your best bet is to show the stone in question to a jewler.

They usually use a heat probe. Real stones disperse heat quickly and they won heat u michael kors outlet online p with the probe. This takes about 30 seconds and I never been charged to have them check. It also doesn hurt the stone the way other ways of testing will. Even if its a fake, you might still want it, so why ruin it

One more thing.

When you go to your jeweler, ask if the jewelry will always be in your presence during the exam. If the jeweler says they will not evaluate the jewelry in front of you, find another jeweler.

Also, while diamond is the hardest known natural substance it isn the most durable. It has planes where it can cleave (split). Handle diamonds carefully.

if it is a real diamond you can scratch it on glass or a window and it will scratch the window a little bit but if its not real it michael kors outlet online will leave a little scratch on the fake diamond!

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