michael kors outlet online How canned chickpeas can add f

How canned chickpeas can add flavour and nutrients to any meal

Hey Chickie! If you have yet to discovered the delicious benefits of chickpeas, we can’t be friends.

A can costs a buck 20, feeds four, adds all kinds of tastes and brings bags full of benefits to the table.

One study showed that a mere half a cup of beans or chickpeas can reduce peripheral artery dis michael kors outlet online ease. The arteries in the periphery of your body (legs and limbs) can clog up long before your heart does and are a good indication of your general circulation.

Chickpeas are high in protein and have adequate carbs as well as fibre to keep you michael kors outlet online feeling full without animal protein. Just about every study says that the reduction of animal protein and leaning toward the bean rich Mediterranean diet is the healthiest way to go.

Chickpeas and other beans bring high phenolic content to combat the w michael kors outlet on michael kors outlet online line ear and tear on cells.

It isn’t hard to open a can, drain and add to salad or soups to instantly boost the nutrients and taste.

Chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus, and in kitchens around the world beans whole are added to stews or ground into high protein, gluten free flour. What have you got to lose?

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