michael kors outlet online How cars will get more helpful

How cars will get more helpful

Technologies alre michael kors outlet online ady exist that will allow cars of the future to perform new tricks to wow consumers.

The first challenge, according to auto technology companies such as Microsoft Corp. is to refine their execution michael kors outlet online and that will be the result of improving their software. The second challenge is talking auto companies into adopting them.

Vehicles will be able to distinguish their owners in a crowd of customers walking out of a shopping mall, even detecting whether they are carrying shopping bags. Spotting the shopping bags, the car opens the trunk without being asked.

Cars will recognize where they are going and will alert drivers to issues in the road ahead. If the next mile of the drive is a long hi mic michael kors outlet online hael kors outlet online ll, the vehicle might realize that and automatically throttle up slightly to maintain speed.

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