michael kors outlet online How Celebs Stay Slim During th

How Celebs Stay Slim During the Holidays

2. Eat healthy before a party.

“If you go to a party thats got rich, amazi michael kors outlet online ng food everywhere and youre starving, youre going to devour it,” says Ugly Betty star Rebecca Romijn. “I tend to eat a small, healthy meal to fill up before I go michael kors outlet online to a party.” Her favorite fill you up snack? “Almonds that I get at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles. But dont waste your calories on things michael kors outlet online you dont love. Heres a tip she gave Katie Couric on choosing party food calories well: “Survey the spread before you take a single bite, and decide on three things youre absolutely dying to try. Then, fill the rest of your plate with healthy food, like raw broccoli, carrots, or salad. For every bite you want of good food, take three bites of your healthy pick first three bites of broccoli, one bite of the food you wanted, three more bites of broccoli, and another bite of the food you michael kors outlet online wanted. Youll fill up fast.”

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