michael kors outlet online How City Hall made a camel whi

How City Hall made a camel while trying to build a horse

How is it possible to mess up an idea? Let me count the ways.

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The Dallas City Council has made the plastic bag ordinance the most prolonged piece of legislation, I seen, short of the on again, off again approach to natural gas drilling.

Instead, we get the legislative version of acamel while the attempt was to build a horse a tax and scant optimism that the streets, trees and culvertswill be much cleaner.

This is the danger of consensus for the sake of consensus. The good idea is not necessary the one that cuts the baby in half. Pounding a round peg into a square hole isn state of the art la michael kors outlet online wmaking, either. I sure there are a pile of other clichs I could unleash, but you michael kors outlet online get the idea. And don forget this one, a little bit of flip flopping on a tough vote.

Who could possibly be for litter? No one I know. But I not sure the city has moved any closer to clean streets, trees andculverts.

Finally,I thinkI understand how and whymission creep takes place at City Hall.

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