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How clean and secure are the tourist attractions of South Mumbai

Number of people during normal season: 40,000 to 50,000

Facilities for tourists/pilgrims: There are pujaris, who perform various rituals for visitors. Mundan is also performed here.

Security: Highly secure. No vehicle is allowed around the temple complex. There are policemen around the temple complex. At the entrance there are private security guards, who check bags and also pat down. There are several CCTV cameras in the temple complex. Photography is not allowed inside or outside the temple complex.

Cleanliness: Except where the cows are kept, the whole complex is very clean.

Number of people during normal season: 40,000 50,000

Facilities for tourists/pilgrims:< michael ko michael kors outlet online rs outlet online strong> michael kors outlet online michael kors outlet online ong> Minimal. For security reasons, bags are not allowed inside the temple complex, but no provision has been made for visitors to keep them anywhere, causing a huge inconvenience.

Security: Good security. There are four police officers at the entrance who make sure that no bags are taken inside. They also have hand held metal detectors and every person entering the complex is checked thoroughly.

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