michael kors outlet online How cocaine makes it to Vancou

How cocaine makes it to Vancouver’s streets

United Nations gang leader Clay Roueche being taken into custody in Texas on May 17, 2008.

Most major criminal gangs here get their cocaine from Los Angeles area distribution centres run by Mexican cartels, who sell it for $17,000 to $20,000 US a kilo, s michael kors outlet online ays Supt. Pat Fogarty of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. border.

“Some may have a good contact that actually lives down in Mexico . Some may have someone living there six months of the year to take care of the coordination,” Fogarty said. “Some fly off and live in other parts of Central Ameri michael kors outlet online ca for the purpose exclusively of being a contact to arrange things. It is common.

“It depends on how connected you are.

That is exactly what happened when Fraser Valley smuggler Daniel LeClerc was nabbed with 144 kilos of coke in September 2006.

LeClerc was piloting a 1973 Cessna from Calgary when he landed in Grand Falls, Mont. customs officer there that he was on his way to Las Vegas, even though he had filed no flight plan.

He parked the Cessna in a hangar. As Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents clandestinely observed, he drove off in a white Cadillac sedan and returned a while later in a black BMW. court papers said.

He flew off again, but was forced to land at a small northern California airport because of a fuel gauge problem. man. He told them he was carrying either money or drug michael kors outlet online s, but didn’t know which.

“LeClerc then stated he was scared of the organization and wanted to talk,” an indictment in the case said.

The group he said he feared was the United Nations gang. He admitted to making 12 previous trips between California and Canada.

“LeClerc identified Clay Franklin Roueche as being one of the persons who orchestrated the cocaine importations into Canada.”

The interception of LeClerc launched the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) investigation into the UN’s drug trafficking activities michael kors outlet online . resident deported from Canada. Kawaach and fellow UN gangster Elliott (Taco) Castaneda were gunned down in the Mexican city of Guadalajara in July 2008 in a drug related targeted hit. distributor of a Mexican cartel. bud” and $3,517,230 US as part of the probe.

The advantage of direct buying is the price: They can get the cocaine for between $3,000 and $6,000 a kilo “depending on how far into the jungles you go,” he said.

The disadvantage is the difficult challenge of getting the product thousands of kilometres across several borders.

Right in the middle of the drug route is Mexico’s cartel war, which has resulted in more than 7,000 murders since 2008. The Mexican government has deployed more than 36,000 soldiers in the most violent regions of the country in an attempt to halt the war.

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